Lutheran Pioneers

The Lutheran Pioneers meet once per month at church and is
open to children in kindergarten - 5th grade.  

Lutheran Pioneers strives to develop in each member his/her potential
for leadership through personal interaction skills with others and
by promoting service to the Lord and the world around him/her.  

Upcoming Meeting dates:  
Monday, March 4    5:00 pm - 6:30 pm
Wednesday, April 3  5:00 pm - 6:30 pm
Wednesday, May 1  5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Other Activities:
March 17 - Lake Crystal Swim & Gym Day
April 28 - Pine Car Derby (at church)

Contact: or 507-238-9663 for more information. 

October Meeting - "A Pumpkin Story" - A story of a new start with God.

Lutheran Pioneers is a Christ-centered program available to boys through congregations within the fellowship of the WELS and ELS.  Its' mission is to "reach out to and nurture the youth of the world with the saving Gospel message of Jesus Christ."

This program of ministry offers your boys an opportunity for:


Activities and skills that are part of the Lutheran Pioneer Ministry include:


Founded in the realm of time to serve the timeless Christ, this program of ministry to our youth is led by dedicated men and women of your congregation.

  Lutheran Girl Pioneers is a program available to the girls of WELS and ELS congregations.  LGP strives to inspire youth to realize the joy of a Christ-centered life through:


 LGP provides opportunities to discover and develop interests in:  Leadership; Personal Awareness; Evangelism; Nature; Skills for independent living.  The benefits girls receive from our program go beyond the fun, fellowship and learning and extend to their living a Christ-centered life within their family, church and community.

 We look forward to sharing our Savior's love with you through this Christ-centered youth organization.