Summer Book Club


Sun + Book + Hammock = Summer Book Club

Enjoy the summer sun with a good book, great friends, and delicious fellowship!  We're gathering suggestions right now, with the idea of distributing books at the end of May.  

When: First meet-up in early July, second later in August.
Please note whether you'd prefer a weekday or weekend time frame.  

Which Book: Our first book will be the new book entitled "2000 Demons – No Match for My Savior," by Rev. E. Allen Sorum.  You can listen to an interview here.  
Feel free to suggest the August book in the box below!  

What Do We Do: You'd get your book & read it.  We'd meet somewhere (such as Graffiti Corner, Cedar Creek Park, the pool, you name it) for a grand ol' book club-style discussion.  We could include a potluck, grill out, Frisbee golf (at Cedar Creek), someone's house (if you'd like to host) or any other idea that comes to mind!  
Please submit places, outings, & other ideas below!

Submit ideas for time frame (weekday, weekend, evening, afternoon, etc), second book, and meet-up places or activities.