By now, the Bill Nye/Ken Ham debate is a few weeks old - which, in modern media, means it’s long gone and forgotten; the pundits on each side have staked out their spots in the victor’s circle, and there is (no doubt) some new controversy or tragedy to blog about.  

However, the debate and its subsequent commentary serve as a good backdrop for a few news items that came to light during the week leading up to Valentine’s Day.  

What do I mean?

In the debate, Ham & Nye (a good debate - not to be confused with ham & rye, a good sandwich) both focused on the fallout of the opposing belief.  Nye focused on the negative economic effects of creationist belief, while Ham focused on the moral repercussions of an evolutionary model.  While Nye proposed that creationist belief means an end to US scientific & economic superiority, Ham proposed that evolutionary belief leads to moral relativism; e.g., no one decides right & wrong, anyone can define or re-define marriage, and human life has as little value as any other animal life.  

One specific Ken Ham quote came to mind in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day: “Get rid of people, they are costing us too much money; besides, they are just animals.  Get rid of spare cats, get rid of spare kids, they’re just animals.”

And almost on cue, the news headlines fell into step:

In the week before Valentine’s Day, House Democrats kicked off a new Twitter campaign using the hashtag #WhatWomenNeed.  Pelosi and her fellow politicians used the hashtag to promote affordable childcare, healthcare, and a higher minimum wage.

But in the uncontrolled chaos known as social media, anything can be hijacked by a mischievous or satirical audience.  Or, as in the case of #WhatWomenNeed – social media exposes the reality behind the public relations curtain.

Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, posted her own video of #WhatWomenNeed.  A smiling - nay, a BEAMING - Richards flips through a stack of things that women need for Valentine’s Day: “Birth control.  Cancer Screenings.  Safe + legal abortion.  Well Woman Visits.  Breast exams.  Maternity care.  Preventative care.  Planned Parenthood.  To make our own health decisions.  (Really radical stuff.)”

Because, for Valentine’s Day, nothing says “I love you” like ripping a baby from her mother’s womb.  

Because, as Ken Ham has said: If people are merely animals, we ought to have no compunction about getting rid of them when their existence is no longer convenient for me.

(And, permit a brief digression: I have every sympathy for the women who have had abortions and the men who have lost their progeny to abortion.  The baby is not the only victim, and Christian churches especially ought to understand this and reach out to these people with humility and the love of Christ.)

If Cecile Richards’ #WhatWomenNeed video was the only example proving Ken Ham’s observation, this column could be dismissed as another pro-lifer making a mountain out of a social media molehill.  (If that is your opinion, I would remind you of the first time you heard a fetal heartbeat or saw infantile movements on an ultrasound screen.)

But #WhatWomenNeed is not the only headline example proving Ken Ham correct.  You may have heard that the country of Belgium is on the brink of abolishing age restrictions for euthanasia.  

In other words: Leukemia may lose its reputation as a child-killer.

This is the logical result of Bill Nye’s worldview.  

Any notion of a loving Creator or a redemptive Savior (who literally, physically, really died and rose from the dead to earn forgiveness for all people) is discarded - to say nothing of the Holy Spirit or Holy Scripture.  

And worst of all: when Christians and Christian churches subscribe to Nye’s version of origins, the inherent value of human life is discarded in favor of convenience.  The authority of God’s Word is exchanged for a quagmire of human opinion.

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