A Christian Response to Abortion

Written as a follow-up to Taxpayer-Funded Genocide, seeking to answer "What should a Christian citizen do?"  This column appeared in the Fairmont Sentinel on 4 Sept 2015.


Is there a point where a problem becomes too big for God?

Consider the millions murdered by legalized abortion; taxpayer funding for the nation’s largest abortion provider, which profits off its corpses; the Roe v. Wade decision that abortion is a Constitutional right; a holocaust within the same country whose first declaration said that all people are endowed with certain, unalienable rights – including the right to life.  

And what should American Christians do?  

Margaret Sanger, the bigoted founder of Planned Parenthood, understood that Christians needed to be silenced.  In 1939, she advocated hiring “three or four colored ministers with engaging personalities” to help disguise her racist intentions.  Sanger didn’t want anyone realizing that her goal was to exterminate the African-American population – and one of her tactics was to silence the testimony of the Christian church as she fostered a culture of convenience & death.  

Granted, Sanger is not completely to blame; every culture that worships sexual pleasure has its own form of child sacrifice.  

So...what should Christians do?  

There are some relentless voices working to overturn Roe v. Wade.  That’s all well & good – but if that court decision were reversed, Minnesotans would still be legally bound to pay for elective abortions under the state decision Doe v. Gomez.  

And even if pro-life laws were in place, little would be truly gained; the problem isn’t abortion.  The problem is sin, which resides in my heart and yours.  

Perhaps we Christians forget that fact, wringing our hands and looking for legislative restraints to preserve an appearance of Christian culture.  But, I repeat: the problem isn’t abortion.  The problem is sin.  And legislation, no matter how pro-life, will never change that fact.  

Jesus alone has changed that fact.  Through his perfect life, death, and bodily resurrection, God has already declared you forgiven – simply because you are a person.  (See 2 Cor. 5:19)

That truth alone changes hearts, prompts actions, can stop the American holocaust.  What should we Christians do?

I reluctantly provide a list of actions.  Lists like these normally lead to moralism, the belief that bettering one’s life or actions will make God happy with you.  Morality is never the goal; faith in Christ is the goal.  

But living faith always acts in love toward God and others.  And given the context noted above (2 Cor. 5), I’d like to encourage an inside-out approach.  

Christians have the sure foundation of God’s truth; we need to stick to Scripture.  Then let us pray for the youth, for pregnant mothers, for our community.  

Christian prayer always leads to Christian action; I would love to see abortion clinics closed – not through legislation, but because Christians were so active counselling, encouraging, teaching, and providing for pregnant mothers.

Our churches need to teach marriage in all its God-designed beauty.  God designed marriage (one man, one woman) as the place for lifelong friendship, mutual pleasure, and a stable home for children.  Let’s not reduce God’s design by teaching that procreation is the sole reason for physical closeness - and let's encourage our young people to begin the joy & responsibility of marriage.

Men?  Come to church.  Lead your family to Christ.  If you’re cohabitating, get married – if not for your sake, then for the sake of your children, your family.  Stand and publicly commit yourself to this woman.  Yes, you might pay more in taxes; but the woman in your life is worth far more than that bottom line.

Parents?  Let your child learn the processes of the human body at school.  That's biology.  But please excuse your child from class when the school tries to teach the proper use of the human body in sex education class; a Biblical, Christian home is the only context for teaching the Godly use of the human body.

The problem of abortion is distressing, because it involves the intentional and macabre murder of the defenseless.  Legislation may serve as an outward curb on its horrors, but laws will never get to the heart of the matter.  As long as God’s teachings about marriage & family are neglected, abortion will reign; as long as Christian families neglect the spiritual formation of their children, this culture of convenience & death will propagate itself.

God grant that we communicate his forgiveness, teach his truth, and act in Christian love toward the most vulnerable members of our society.