Thursday Thought:

"It is essential for our salvation that we firmly hold onto the truth that our Savior Jesus Christ is true God and true man – that these two natures (divine and human) are inseparably conjoined in one person. ... The Scriptures are very clear and explicit at this point.  Just read the story of Jesus' birth in Matthew or Luke.  One has to fly in the face of very emphatic Scripture testimony in order to deny the virgin birth of Jesus.  Even so, there are people who prefer their own short-sighted thoughts rather than the revelation of an all-wise God."  (J.P. Meyer, Studies in the Augsburg Confession)

How true it is!  Faith is nothing other than recognizing what God has clearly revealed in his Word, and bowing the head: I confess that your thoughts & ways are far beyond mine, Lord.  Teach me your truth, and lead me to trust what you have said.