Thursday Thought: One Simple Sense

Scripture is clear.  Its single, overarching theme is salvation through Jesus Christ – and all its books point to that single truth.  Its history is the true salvation history of God's people.  Its poetry and song are the worship songs & meditations of God's people in waiting.  Its letters were written to actual churches, real people, addressing actual sin with both law & gospel.  

To that end, let each page speak for itself.  If David fights Goliath, rejoice in God giving David the victory.  If Jesus tells a parable, look at the surrounding passages as you seek the single, main point of comparison.  (What point is Jesus driving home?)  If a book presents itself as a vision (for example, Revelation), then let the clear passages of that book & of Scripture shine a light on the unclear or strange passages.  

As Christians, we confess an inspired & inerrant Word.  Let us rejoice in the one, simple, straightforward truth this Word conveys!