Tuesday Prayer: Saving Faith

Lord, our God, in your holy Word you have commanded us to pray and promised to hear us.  You desire not only that we ask you cheerfully & confidently – but also that we come before you with all boldness, asking not only for few & small but also great & many favors.

Above all, we pray: Forgive the sins of everyone among us.  Cast them into the depth of the sea.  Make them vanish as a mist.  Remember them no more!

Grant us true faith through your Spirit, and preserve this faith among us - even increasing it day by day.

Purify and renew our hearts through faith.  Lead us to hate sin, despising the vanities of this world.  Create a genuine & fervent love for your Word, and for all among the fellowship of believers, and for our community. 

Finally, let us not be tempted beyond what we can bear.  Give us patience and perseverance under the cross; through Christ, our Lord, AMEN.