Tuesday Prayer: Preservation from Decay

Lord Jesus, to properly feed and lead your flock is a taste that - under all conditions - exceeds the wisdom and power of man; in our day, the task is especially difficult.  The words that you addressed to your disciples apply also to us: "Satan has asked to sift you as wheat," (Lk 22:31).  Temptations to fall away grow greater and fiercer; the assaults of Satan are subtle as well as blatant; the way to eternal life seems difficult and fraught with danger.

Lord God, our Help, Wisdom, and Strength: Do not forsake us!  Do not hide your face from us!

Give your Law to terrify the secure and comfortable, your Gospel to soothe and strengthen faint hearts.  Cause your Church to grow among us, also; and come quickly, Lord Jesus, to forever end all misery and woe; AMEN.