Tuesday Prayer: The Thoughts of God

Lord God, heavenly Father:

  • Not only have your thoughts from eternity been of us;
  • Not only are our days recorded in your book;
  • Not only did you decide to save us before time began;

but also now, you are mindful of us day and night, every hour, each moment.  But what have I done in return?

  • I confess that I have forgotten about you;
  • I confess that I have despised your Word;
  • I confess my innumerable sins of thought, word, and deed.

Forgive me for my ingratitude, folly, and sin!  Grant me a new spirit and a new life, through your Son's atoning death and resurrection!  Lead me to love what you love, hating what you hate!  Above all, keep me mindful of your grace; let me depart in faith, entering eternal bliss for the sake of Jesus Christ, your dear Son, our Savior and Lord; AMEN.