Thursday Thought: The Two Natures of Christ

The two natures of Christ (human and divine) are distinct.

  • The divine nature underwent no change; it remains the same forever, throughout its union with the human nature.
  • Likewise, the human nature remains the same; it is never changed into the divine or something semi-divine.

Yet these two natures are most intimately united in the person of Christ.  In Jesus Christ, the Son of God took up the human nature into his very own personality:

  • Its peculiarities became his own (needing to sleep, eat, etc);
  • The blood of this man is the blood of the Son of God;
  • The union is so close that all his divine attributes were also communicated to his humanity.

In other words, whatever you can say of the Son of God - you can say of this person, Jesus Christ.  Omnipresent?  Yes.  All-knowing?  Yes.  Almighty?  Yes.

This is the God whom we worship, the Lord Jesus whose death and resurrection have earned your forgiveness!