Tuesday Prayer: Evil Times

Eternal and living God, you let us be born in evil times - times in which lying and deceiving prevail, while truth and faithfulness lie neglected; selfishness and greed rule the day, while love is misconstrued and forgotten.  Each one asks: "What will I get in return?"  It seems that your Word is proclaimed in vain, as the world rebelliously shouts: "We do not want this man to reign over us!" (Lk 19:14)

Even within your Church, among Christians, the love of most has grown cold.  

Graciously preserve us from being carried away.  Let us not neglect your Word, nor twist it to fit our own notions.  Help us to humbly bow the head and knee, admitting that your way is best and your Word is true; that we may remain true in faith, love, and hope, trusting in the merits of Christ our Lord; AMEN.