WDTM: But Isn't Church History Boring & Irrelevant?

What Does This Mean Wednesday: A discussion with Pastor Jeremiah Gumm on the value of church history for Christians today, as well as a few starting points for finding practical value from our Christian history.  Some of these are also found in our church library.

Scripture: 1 Peter & Hebrews provide fantastic studies for Christians living in post-Christian or anti-Christian cultures.

Bible History Overview: Book of Books, Rev. John Schaller (the same Professor Schaller mentioned in today's podcast), From Age to Age, Edward Engelbrecht.

Bible History-Geography: The One-Stop Bible Atlas, Nick Page

Old Testament History & Worship: The Bloodstained Path to God, Rev. Dan Habben; From Sinai to Calvary, Prof. Em. John Jeske.

Martin Luther & The Reformation: Luther's Protest, Rev. John Braun; Luther The Reformer, James Kittelson.

Wisconsin Lutheran (WELS) History: The Wisconsin Synod Lutherans, Rev. Edward Fredrich; A Tale of Two Synods, Rev. Mark Braun.


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Intro from Handel's Messiah, recorded by The King's College Choir of Cambridge, England.  Used under Creative Commons usage.

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