Our congregation has been a member of the Fairmont community since 1978.  As Christians, we strive to serve God and neighbor as one part of giving thanks to God.  Four or five times a year we host a community-specific seminar on a topic that will assist the families of Fairmont to build a Godly household.  This year's seminars include an in-depth financial seminar and a glimpse at how the youngest children can be taught about their Savior.  

As always, everyone is welcome to our worship services and our Bible classes, where many of these same topics are covered in a slightly different format.


2018 Sunday Seminar Schedule

January 28, 2018 - Jesus Cares Ministry

Waiting to hear back from the Lutheran Chapel Service radio program & the University of Minnesota "True North" Campus Ministry.


We'll add more as the schedule fills up!


Heart in Focus:  The "Heart in Focus" home financial course will be offered again this spring.  If you are interested in the course, please contact Pastor Hagen below. Thanks!

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