Bible 101: Bible Basics

A twelve-lesson look at the basic beliefs of the Christian faith.  All are welcome to join this course for a refresher, and are encouraged to bring along someone who may be interested in learning who Jesus is, what this means for our lives, or anything that our church teaches. Contact us to inquire about starting a new class or to ask about current classes.


Confirmation Classes

Christian parents are given the primary responsibility to train their children in God’s Word. As a Christian congregation, it is also our privilege and joy to help parents raise their children in God’s truth. Beginning in 6th grade, students begin a thorough course of study in the basics of Christian belief organized around the time-tested handout of Luther’s Small Catechism. Classes are from 5:30pm through 7:00pm beginning on the Wednesday after Labor Day and going through May.


Men’s Bible Breakfast

Food for both body and soul - that's what Men's Breakfast is all about. We meet at The Ranch on the first Saturday of the month at 8:00 am for breakfast and some in-depth Bible study and discussion.  Come for the study & fellowship, stay for the food!  Your first visit is free!

Wine, Women, and the Word

Open up a bottle of wine for your glasses and open the Word of God for your soul! Relax and talk with your fellow church ladies in a home setting over a bottle of wine while relaxing your soul with the Word of God! See a calendar of monthly meeting dates at church or ask anytime!

Lutheran Ladies’ Bible Study

The Lutheran Women meet once a month (Sept-May) for fellowship, Bible study, snacks, and a brief business meeting.  The Bible study is half an hour starting at 7:00 PM, and the evening concludes by 8:00 PM. Come and learn what our Lutheran Ladies are all about!